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New Beginning: Construction of WellWise Services Area Agency on Aging’s New Office Space Underway

Welcome to the WellWise Services Area Agency on Aging website! We are excited to announce that our Board of Directors has made a historic decision and approved the construction of a new building that will serve as the office space for our organization. Despite facing challenges, our Board of Directors remained dedicated to their vision and actively involved their team in the development of this project. Construction officially began in May 2022 with a groundbreaking ceremony on May 20th. The new building will be located at 107 Chicago Street in Brooklyn, the former location of Dr. Cole’s medical practice. Conveniently situated in the heart of Brooklyn, this central location allows us to better serve the three counties we serve. We have been in our current facility for 16 years and are eager to move forward with this exciting new chapter. Thank you for your continued support.

Building Construction and Design

Construction of the new WellWise Services Area Agency on Aging office space is being led by Progressive AE, a reputable architectural and engineering firm. The building will be 24,210 square feet and will feature 2 stories and a basement. The structure of the building will be a wood framed building with some steel support and will feature all brick veneer with aluminum storefront window systems. The building is designed to be flexible and adaptable for the long term, serving as a place for the community to access services and programming for many years to come. Additionally, the building will have a generator for full operation during power outages. The entire building will meet accessibility requirements and incorporates Universal Design strategies where feasible to better serve the needs of our clients. Construction is expected to be completed by April 2023.

New Features

The new WellWise Services Area Agency on Aging office space will feature many office spaces and meeting rooms designed for privacy and security. The building will also include flexible workspaces for transient staff, ensuring that everyone has a comfortable and secure place to work. The building will be equipped with accessible and comfortable furniture and features, providing a bright, welcoming and secure facility for staff and community members. Additionally, the building will feature a 1,600+ square foot community room that will be able to better serve the staff and community. This new space will allow us to grow and continue to meet the needs of older adults, adults with disabilities and the community at large.

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