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Using Siri or Google

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you might have played around with Siri but it probably does more than you know. Are you taking advantage of the ways it can help make your device easier to use? The keys are understanding what it can do and practicing enough so that Siri is your go to method for common tasks (it really won’t take long). My experience is that it works better for tasks that are built into your device compared to general internet searches. Pick a few things that you do often and give Siri a chance to help you out. These are just a few examples; don’t be afraid to try others!  Contact us if you need help trying this out.


Call Susan Smith at work
Call 517 592 5555
Call my parents/wife/sister
Call my wife at home

(Siri will prompt you to set up these relationships if you haven’t already)

App Launching

Launch Photos
Open Facebook


Email Dad about the dinner tomorrow
New email to Susan Conway
Email Bob and say I got the message thanks
Any new email from Jimmy?
Show me email from Susan yesterday
To read a specific message: Open an email, say “Read it”
Read email about ______
Read email from _____

Siri will read messages including the date/time, who it’s from, and Subject line. The message will not be visible while reading it. Siri will ask if you want to reply and give you a chance to dictate your answer. Press the Home button and it will take you back to the open message.


Set up a meeting for tomorrow at 9
Move my 3pm meeting to 4:30
Set up a meeting with Jeff at 9 tomorrow morning
Cancel the budget meeting
Add Emily to my meeting with Brian

When is my next appointment?
What does the rest of my day look like?
What day is it?

Messages (Texting)

Tell Robert I am on my way
Send a message to Mike Jones
Send a message to Susan saying how about tomorrow
Text Mom I will be late


How do I get to Bob Smith’s office?
Find a Mexican restaurant nearby
Give me directions home
Directions from Brooklyn to Ann Arbor
Get me walking directions to Emily’s house
What’s my ETA?
Find me a gas station
Cancel Navigation


Tweet That was a great game
Tweet with my location hanging with Tom and Bill
Show me my tweets
Search Twitter for Detroit Tigers


Post on Facebook just landed in Detroit
Write on my wall heading to Anchorman 2


Remind me to buy milk when I leave work*
Add eggs to my grocery list
Remind me to take my meds at 6pm
Remind me to call mom when I get home*
*Requires Location Services to be on and you have to disable reminder sync on your exchange account and switch your default reminder list in settings to Reminders.


Set an alarm for 6am tomorrow
Wake me up in 45 minutes
Turn off my 6am alarm
Turn off all my alarms
Change my 6am alarm to 7am


What’s the weather like tomorrow?
What is the weather in Chicago like?
When do the Giants play next?
What planes are above me right now?

iPhone Settings

Turn on/off Bluetooth
Change the font size
Adjust the screen brightness
Edit Safari settings

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