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Advanced Care Planning provides valuable assistance to individuals and their loved ones in navigating end-of-life care preferences. This service not only imparts information but also guides individuals through the creation of a legally recognized Advance Directive in Michigan. The significance of appointing a patient advocate, a key element in ensuring the honoring of healthcare wishes, is clearly explained. Additionally, this personalized approach empowers individuals and their significant others, fostering understanding throughout the decision-making process.

Whether through group presentations or individual appointments, the aim is to demystify the legal aspects of end-of-life care planning. Additionally, Advanced Care Planning ensures individuals can make informed choices aligned with Michigan state laws.

We are now offering appointments to assist you with your Advance Care Planning for a nominal fee. In brief, if you would like help facilitating conversations that assist you and your loved ones in exploring:

  1. What is important to you, including your faith and values.
  2. What are your current health and risk factors that could impact your future health? What considerations for different possibilities and treatment options?
  3. How to complete an advance directive, which records your future health care wishes in a legal document in the State of Michigan.
  4. How to choose a Patient Advocate.
  5. Being engaged by family or close friends to facilitate their understanding, support, and adherence to any treatment preferences.

Advanced Care Planning assists with having your wishes documented into a legally recognized document in the State of Michigan would be provided by us.

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