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Learn How to Make Your Home Safer and Avoid Falls

Our Home Safety Assessments look at potential safety issues, both inside the house and out and are available to anyone in the community. The assessments are conducted by a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), trained to accommodate the needs and safety of older adults and people with disabilities who want to stay in their home. We provide a report that includes suggested modifications and our Information and Referral staff can help you with resources to assist with any changes that may be needed.

One fourth of Americans aged 65 or older fall each year, often resulting in injuries and limits on activities and independence. Half of these falls happen in the person’s own home. The good news is there are simple ways to greatly reduce the risk of falls and injuries so don’t wait for an accident to happen.

Adults who fear falling limit their activities and social engagements which can result in physical decline, depression, isolation, and feelings of helplessness. Eliminating unsafe conditions and adding supportive features is important in reducing fall risk. We see people stay in unsafe homes because they do not know changes that can or should be made. For those moving out of care facilities into community, it frequently happens that the person moves into their new home to find it not safe or fully accessible but they did not know how to evaluate it in advance. Home Safety Assessments by a Certified Aging-in- Place Specialist (CAPS) will evaluate ways to make existing homes safer and more accessible through changes such as additional task lighting, grab bars, placement of rugs and furniture, and other home modifications.

Understanding what needs to be done to a home to be safe is the first step in decisions about where to live and in finding assistance if needed.

To learn more or to schedule your assessment contact us at (517) 592-1974.

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